Peace Be Upon You .. السلام عليكم

Helping and supporting people and business to grow, and keep growing, is one of my utmost burning desires. I had already helped many people and companies around the globe. Genuinely and authentically I furnish my knowledge, experience and time to inspire, motivate and guide every single life on this planet.

From ‘Dish Washer’ in a small restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, Canada to founder and owner of 3adda—human and business intelligence company, then, Raja Studio-Hoslistic Coaching susidiary, I had examined and passed so many difficulties and challenges along a professional life journey of 40+ years. Iteratively, every achievement in his life had fueled the momentum for the next achievement in a spiral growth fashion and hence given more and more to human beings and business.

I’m a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from ICF, CBIP (Certified Business Intelligence Professional) from TDWI, Certified Black Belt Six Sigma from Villanova University, Certified ICDL/ECDL Professional Trainer from ECDL Europe. Also, hold a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. 

On a personal side, I’m an athletic guru and marathoner. Also a tennis player, an internationally certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.


 الحقيقة انا كنت انظر بتشكك دائم لموضوع الأرشاد او الكوتشنج. مقتنع انه حتى يستطيع احد ان ينصحني او يرشدني في مجال ما فلابد ان يكون واسع الخبرات فيه. لايكفي ان يكون لديه علم الأرشاد فقط. حين علمت ان محمد دخل مجال الأرشاد رأيت انه قد يكون الشخص المناسب ليساعدني او ينصحني، فهو ذو خبرة ولديه تجارب حياة ثرية.

محمد منصت جيد جدا، يستطيع ان يسأل الاسئلة المناسبة التي تساعدك على اكتشاف دواخلك، كما يستطيع ان يلخص لك الأمر او بمعنى ادق، ان يلقي ضوءا على جزء في حياتك خاف عنك. محمد، وخلال 3 جلسات انار لي مناطق كانت فعلا خافية عني، ولخص لي امور بعبارات دقيقة اظن اني سأستخدمها لبقية حياتي. ..

شكرا محمد

مهندس هشام العدوي

الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة MOHR

Hesham Mohamed Eladawy.



“Before starting my sessions with Mr. Mohammed, I had an unending list of things to do, all areas of my life were very disorganized and I was very unsatisfied with my lot. Following the sessions, I am able to set a vision for my future and define my specific goals. I am now much more organized with a considerably doable list. I am now taking steps to advance in my career and personal life without a stressful lifestyle. I have a much greater sense of direction. I feel that Mr. Muhammad’s coaching has been very instrumental in my achievements. Thanks again Mr. Muhammad for your support and guidance.”

Amany Annaggar, Founder and Researcher at HU Berlin, Germany

Amany Annaggar

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin&nbsp

Chemistry Education