Course Duration: One year (24 sessions, meeting twice a month)

Course Objective: The course aims to deepen the understanding and practical application of the Eight Limbs of Yoga for both fresh and experienced yoga instructors. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to integrate these fundamental principles into their personal practice and effectively guide their students in their yogic journey.

The sessions can be customized to the participants’ needs and progress, allowing for flexibility and adaptation to individual learning styles.

Slide Material: Each session will be accompanied by visually engaging slides, summarizing the key points, quotes from yogic texts, and illustrations of yoga poses and concepts.

Program for Practice: Detailed practice guides will be provided for each session, outlining the sequence and duration of yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation techniques. Modifications and variations for different skill levels will also be included.

By the end of this one-year course, participants will not only have a profound understanding of the Eight Limbs of Yoga but also have experienced their transformative effects in their own practice and be well-prepared to share these insights with their future yoga students.

The course is then 72 hours and as this is the first round, we offer 50% discount, so the Fees is only EGP6000 per student.

To book your spot in the course, please call or WhatsApp +201060757565