Be a great coach!

I’m here welcoming every coach/counsellor/therapist to join the Coaches Classroom!

Hijazi M.

Once subscribed, you’ll be granted a mentor/coaching session with your teacher once every month. You book it at your own pace.

There’s will be a trial first month subscription, to taste and feel the classroom, then you can decide whether to proceed for the full year subscription.

The first trial month will cost only US$30 and then the full year subscription is as less as US$250 only.

Let’s together learn and grow and help others to change and grow!

Love, peace & light.

Hijazi M.

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An ongoing weekly workshops and coaching practices. You’ll learn and practice many coaching tools and syndromes that you can save in your coaching toolbox. You’ll also learn about applying new technologies and resources to your coaching business. Plus other funny times in Coaching Book Club and Games! All of that in a funny friendly online environment with like-minded people. Click here to see the current round syllabus.