1. Overcoming the fears that pregnant women have for the birthing process and other explained, unexplained reasons, by healing the Root Chakra.
  2. Strengthening the womb and helps to balance the female hormones, which in turn helps in a smoother pregnancy, by healing the Sacral Chakra.
  3. It helps in self-empowerment. Pregnancy is the time to ´stand in your power´ and do what is right for you and your baby, by healing the Manipura Chakra.
  4. Forming a strong attachment with your baby through imbibing positive and authentic thoughts and communication, by healing the Throat Chakra.
  5. Opening up the heart for unconditional love, compassion & self love while expanding your awareness about love towards yourself and your child, by healing the Heart Chakra.
  1. Understand the unsaid things that the fetus might want to convey from inside, by healing the Third Eye Chakra.
  2. Become peaceful and raise your state of consciousness by healing the Crown Chakra.
  3. Chakra healing increases vitality and overall well-being. It raises the vibration, clears the aura and enhances mother child bonding. It enhances the spiritual state of the child as well as s/he also gets an energetic cleanse and boost when the mother does Chakra healing for herself.
  4. Overall, with balanced chakras during pregnancy, you can draw on all the available support – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – as you blissfully birth your baby in a grounded, empowered, sensual and connected way.

Chakra healing will have a great effect on regulating glands & hormones for a better overall pregnancy.

Endocrine glands synchronize with our Chakra System as follows:

Crown & third eye chakraHypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands
Throat chakraThyroid and parathyroid
Heart ChakraThymus
Solar Plexus chakraPancreas
Sacral chakraGonad
Root ChakraAdrenal
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