Welcome to my Career Development 121 Coaching Program!

This program is designed to those who:

  1. are looking for job,
  2. need or plan to change their current job or career
  3. want to discover their own potentials and professional skills.
  4. like to bridge the gap between talents and skills.
  5. need to learn the new norm and technologies to be hired and stay hired.

Program Contents:

Part 1: Building Fundamentals ICareer Planning3 – 4 hr
Part 1 Building Fundamentals II3 – 4 hr
2. Resume / Cover Letter60 min
3. Interview Skills60 min
4. Negations Skills60 min
Part 2: Career Development Workshops10 hr
WS #1: Insights120 min
WS #2: Worth120 min
WS #3: OpeningTo120 mim
WS #4: Reinvent120 min
WS #5: Know-How120 min
Investment US$500 Purchase Now

Workshop #1: Insights

Everyone wants to feel like they are on the career path that they are meant to be on. You want to know that your career choice is a good choice for your personality and goals. Of course, you want to be satisfied with the way that your career is progressing forwards.

It’s normal to wonder whether you are on the right track. Now you can find out. This workshop will let you know how much you are satisfied with your career situation. Whether you may be selling yourself short or sticking in something that is not right for you, and if it seems that you’re looking for a change.

Workshop #2: wORTH

  • Do you feel comfortable asking for what you are WORTH?
  • You’ll understand about WORTH that you didn’t
    understand prior to completing this workshop? 
  • Then, you’ll learn how to use the WORTH
    information that you learned to get hired and stay hired? 


Workshop #3: Opening to

  • What are you opening to doing as your chosen profession?
  • Do your career goals match with what is available? What additional skills are needed? What resources will you need? What is the first step you are opening to doing? 
  •  Can you visualize yourself being a professional doing what you love and loving what you do?
  • You’ll brainstorm with your group if you are stuck. What ideas are you arriving at?
  • Then discuss any challenges, insight or light-bulb moments with me and your group.

Workshop #4: Reinvent

  • Is there a skills gap? Is there a talent gap? We’ll discover this during the workshop projects.
  • You’ll also rethink your resume and bridge the skills gap!
  • Disrupt the status quo and reinvent your skills, talents and passions. 

Workshop #5: Know-How

  •  In this workshop you’ll discover the science behind what gets in your way.
  • Then we’ll discuss how can you use this knowledge to work better independently or with a team?
  • You’ll know better your emotions and how you:
    • relate to others
    • collaborate
    • connect
    • engage in purpose-driven ways.