We can choose to view life based on feelings, faith or the facts.

1) Feelings – those who commit to living life in this way are emotionallyunbalanced. They’re usually up and down like a ‘yo-yo’ and respond emotionallyto others and the circumstances they face in life. They are inconsistent andbecause they’re completely consumed with their feelings they’re generally not’available’ and often cannot be trusted

2) Faith – many people consider this a religious word but ‘faith’ has nothing to do with beliefs. It’s a ‘doing’ word. You’re either stepping out, taking risks in faith or you’re not. People who base life on faith will generally go between extreme highs and extreme lows – they’ll step out and take risks in faith but then get disappointed when things don’t pan out the way they had hoped for.

3) Facts – living a life based upon the facts and the truth about who you actually are. This becomes a strong foundation on which we can build our lives. As we become more grounded in who we are, we balance out. We’ll still have emotional ups and downs but we’re no longer emotionally led. Our security is grounded in who we are which means that for others we become mature, consistent, decisive and strong.

Take a few moments to reflect on these different perspectives.

Q1) From which perspective do you live life most of the time?

Q2) What changes can you make today to help you live a life that’s moreconsistently based on the truth of who you actually are?